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Sarah's Story

Sarah with TonyaHi my name is Sarah. I'm 13. Here's my story of meeting Tonya Harding. I wanted to meet Tonya for five years and I finally got the chance when I went to N.Y. She was nicer and prettier than I expected. When I first saw her I didn't know it was her because she was just so beautiful and shorter then I thought (I was taller then her). I knew it was her when she hugged my Aunt. I never thought I'd see her skate. But I did. When she walked on the ice it was like 'oh my god, I finally get to see her skate'. She is the best. She had to do an interview and we went with her. As we waited she was making jokes. She was so funny. She was acting like she knew us for a log time and so did Linda. After the interview she asked us to meet her at the airport. At the airport we took pictures. As they were leaving they gave us all hugs. After all this it was worth the five year wait. It's a day I will never forget. Thank you Tonya & Linda you were both great.

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