Linda's Updates

Dear fans of Tonya:
I'm sorry that I haven't given you an update on Tonya for a while. I've been recuperating from a small car accident, and am now doing much better.

By now, I'm sure that you've all heard the story in the media regarding Tonya skating topless in a Las Vegas show. I can tell you first hand, that there is no truth to any of it. Several weeks ago, an offer was presented to me to see if Tonya would be interested in skating in such a show. She said no from the moment I first told her about it. She wouldn't even consider such an idea. Believe me, it was a very lucrative offer too. I knew she wouldn't consider it, as she has turned down other 6 figure offers from magazines to pose nude. As a Christian, she has to much respect for herself and for you, her fans, to ever do such a thing. We do not know who these "people close to Tonya," are, who supposedly represent her. It certainly isn't me or anyone I know. We are getting tired of the defaming and unsubstantiated statements written by the media (without checking their sources more closely). Certain journalists seem to want to make a name for themselves by going with a story, at Tonya's expense, not caring if it's true or not.

Tonya cares very deeply for you, her fans, and sends her love to all of you. She is doing great, and has some very good offers coming in. She and Lynda Prouse, are still working on her book, which is almost completed. She will be in Jacksonville Florida at the end of this month to throw out the first ball for the Jacksonville Suns. If you're in the area, stop by and say hi, as she will be signing autographs in person. Thank you for you continued support for Tonya. I promise to keep you updated much more frequently in the future. If you have any questions, please feel free to write me at the email address below, and I will try my best to answer you.

Warmest regards,

Linda Lewis
Manager/publicist for Tonya Harding

I also want to send my Christmas greetings and thanks to all of Tonya's fans and friends out there. I know this year will be great for Tonya. She has so many new things happening for her. Be sure to tune into her radio show when it starts the first part of January.

Love to all,

Linda Lewis

Manager (Godmother) for Tonya

Hi Tonya fans:

We're back from a very quick but successful trip to Charleston, SC. Tonya was the guest of the Charleston Riverdogs baseball team, where she really charmed them. They were very nice to Tonya, and she had great time. They showed the Southern Hospitality that you here about so much.

Tonya got to throw ut the first pitch for the game, and helped do color commentary on the radio. It was alot of fun for her. They had media there and she did several small interviews. It turns out that it's the biggest crowd they've had for a Tuesda game. Usually they only have a crowd of oe or two thousand, but there were over 5000 people. They sold out almost all of their souvenirs, and Tonya ended up signing over 400 autographs. I wish you could have been there (if you weren't). The crowd welcomed her with cheers!! I see a turn around for Tonya. Many, many people told her to keep going and not give up. Which reminds me, I got a wonderful E-mail from a gentleman who was in the military. While he was in Kosova, he saw a poster of Tonya, and underneath it someone had written "Don't Give Up"! That says alot!

I hope you've been watching Tonya on TNN this past week. Be sure to log onto their website, to read about our little skater. After you log on there, click onto where it says TNN in the upper left hand corner. It will take you to the Tonya article. It's very nice.

We were able to meet with the video producers while we were there. Things look very promising, but I can't go into detail at this time.

I like to keep you informed, and I will keep doing so. I'll be sending photos of Tonya in Charleston to the websites in a couple of days. Tonya's a lot younger, and doesn't get jet lag, but it's another story for me......

Love to all,

Tonya and Linda

Dear Tonya fans and supporters:

Well things are picking up for your favorite ice skater. By now, I'm certain that you've heard that Tonya will be hosting a whole week of programs for TNN in August. Contrary to what is being bantered about on a certain news group. Tonya is hosting several shows.

It was quite a big production. TNN asked Tonya to do what are called wraparounds. She's hosting "Bad Boys" week, starting mid August. She's introducing such shows as Dallas, Dukes of Hazards, Cagney and Lacey, The Waltons, Matt Houston, and many more. I wanted to wait to let you know after I got the OK from TNN. From what i understand, she was chosen over several other celebrities.

She looks absolutely beautiful, and very professional. She got to show her humor, which she hasn't had a chance to show in so many of the interviews she's done. Everyone that was involved in the production was very impressed with her.

Also there are several other things pending at this time. I have taken over the role of manager/publicist for Tonya. I know her so well, and I will most defianty look out for her best interest.I want to see her succeed, and I know she will!

She's still working on her book, with Linda Prouse (and we're looking for a publisher). And don't think she's given up on skating, because she's still one of the best. She had een invited to teach a skating camp as part of a festival in Maryland, but the promoters at the event felt that she wasn't right for their festival and wouldn't draw a crowd. Also I wish to set the record straight about her appearance fee for that event. The fee was never decided upon, but they offered he $6700 to appear, that was their offer, which she was more than willing to accept. Again, the offer of that amount came from them. So the qoute in the Washington Post was wrong. I found out who it came from, and already have had a conversation with that person. It's a shame, because Tonya was really looking forward to appearing there. She would have skated an exhibition, and taught up to 3 skate camps. She was also willing to skate with the children, and give a speech about staying out of trouble. But we harbor no hard feelings, and will just keep going forward. There are new offers coming in eery week.

How would you all feel about a skating video of Tonya? We're going to her fans to see what kind of response we get. If it's good, then that may be a possibility in the near future. Please e-mail and let me know. It would take some backing, but we're exploring that idea.

Tonya sends her love and warmest regards to all of you, as I do. I will keep you updated as things progress.

Linda Lewis
Manager/Publicist for Tonya Harding

To Tonya's fans:

Tonya is making no excuses for what has transpired. She did her jail time and is doing the community service. She is not banned from coaching. The judge would not allow her to teach underprivileged children to skate, for her community service. She NEVER threw the center cap at Darren. This whole Hubcap (which was actually a small center cap that fits over the hub of the wheel) has been blown way out of proportion. She threw it at Darren's motorcycle, which she had the feeling, was more important to him than she was. He got in the way, so it wouldn't hit his bike. It may have hit him. She thought that Darren had pushed her to the ground. She hit him once in the face with her fist, in self defense, to get him off of her, which is totally within the law. He had two friends there. Why didn't they help if he was being beaten so badly by a petite 105 pound woman?? Why did he call the police for help? Tonya was trying to call Greg and I for help at the same time Darren was calling the police.

Darren sold a story to the Globe (and got payed big money) Tonya has done NO interviews. The Globe has now admitted that they doctored the photos to make Darren look more injured. The Camas police also back up the fact that the pictures in the Globe are totally different from the ones taken by the police the night of the argument, and yet, there's Darren's statement and signature above the Globe photos, stating this is how he looked the night of the incident. He then sold another story to Inside Edition, for between $10 to $20,000 from what the media has reported, (while Tonya was in jail). Inside Edition has already aired their show using the Globe photos. But the show we saw on the West coast, had the real photos that were taken by police. They did this after Tonya finally gave a press conference, the day she started her community service, and showed the actual police photos taken of Darren taken that night and the next day. This is when Inside Edition learned the truth about the doctored photos. In the actual police photos, taken the night of the incident, he had a smal amount of blood on his lip. And the photo taken the next day of him, showed hardly a trace of anything. Why didn't Tonya go to tria? Why didn't she do any interviews? Because quite simply, she loved Darren, and didn't want to put Darren or his family through anymore media embarrassment.

He sold stories to two different tabloids, and made alot of money. She has absolutely no money, NONE!! Except what friends and fans have helped her with. She would never had sold Darren out for any interviews, and still won't. She really trusted him, and hoped they'd be together again. (And even now in her heart, she still has deep feelings for him). She spent three days in jail (where she called me in tears every day). But she did it, and it was a very, very scary exerience for her. We both did a lot of crying.

This is all I can say at this time, but watch Larry King on June 6th. Tonya wil be a guest on his show. It will be via satellite feed. I'm sure you will be surprised to hear what she has to say. By the way, this is an unpaid exclusive interview he's doing with her.

She sends her love and thanks toyou, her fans, for your love, prayers and continued support. She wants you to know that she's doing OK and that her thoughts of you have kept her going, and make it through this very difficult time. I also want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. I think that you are all wonderful.

Warmest regards to all, Linda Lewis

I would like to send the words to a song that Greg and I wrote for Tonya a few years ago. It seems even more relevant now. I will make the CD of our songs about Tonya for $10.00 each. This will help her financially, and hopefully it will help encourage her fans. They can be heard at Nodnard Publishing

"She Is Worthy"

Written as a prayer of encouragement for Tonya Harding, this song applies to all of us.

In God's eyes, we are all worthy to come to Him. It is a free gift.

Written and performed by Linda & Greg Lewis. Copyright 1994, BMI

There is someone who will not turn away. He won't cast a stone. You'll never hear Him say, `she's not worthy.' He's been there; always by her side. And He will see her though. He'll always be her guide. To Him, she's worthy. She's worthy in God's eyes.

So He reached out, and He took her hand. He said, `I love you. Yes, I undertand. To Me, you're worthy.' He knows the pain that she's gone through; always looking for love, the only way she new. She's worthy in God's eyes.

Now she's His princess on ice. And she can skate with her head held high. Her Father, in heaven, is watching from above; with His love.

Yes, there's someone who will not turn away. Who'll never cast a stone. You'll never hear Him say, `she's not worthy.' She's worthy in His eyes. In God's eyes.

To all of Tonya's fans and supporters. I'm sure that by now you've all heard what the outcome was today. No one was more surprised then we were. Tonya chose to plead gulty to a misdemeanor of disorderly conduct, and malicious mischief. She didn't want to go through a trial, a she still loves Darren and wants to work things out with him. He himself, wrote a statement on her behalf. It's already being misquoted in the press.

She was not charged with hitting Darren or throwing a hubcap. She was charged with disorderly conduct and malicous mischief. That's it. But the judge decided to go a step further and put her in jail for thre days. When she gave a statement to the judge, stating that she was sorry and apologized for any stress she's caused, he asked her if that was the same thing she said to the judge in 1994.

When the dust settles, Tonya will make a statement. She sends her love and thanks to all of you. We will be doing an interview when she is released. She was given three days in jail, 80 hours community service (which was suppose to be teaching underprivileged children to skate) which the judge made light of. He wants her to do road work.

Even though she was evaluated as NOT being an alcoholic, the judge told her she couldn't drink for two years. He was saracastic and seemed to relish in the fact that he was making Tonya pay (in y opinion) for the 1994 incident. Even the media which was present, gasped when they heard his sentence. This was a misdemeanor, and nothing more.

I love Tonya like a daughter, and I'm here to say that she had a severe reaction to medication she'd taken the day of the incident, which caused her erratic behavior. This as backed up by her doctor, as well as my huband and I. It was also backed up by the social worker who did the alcohol evaluation on her.

I won't say anymore at this time, but the truth will come out. Please don't give up on her, she needs your love and support more than ever. Thank all of you, from Tonya and myself.

Warmest Regards,

Linda Lewis

Tonya is doing as well as can be expected. She didn't appear in court yesterday, as it was only a pretrial. It is still an ongoing case. Tonya would like everyone to know that neither she or Linda endorse the site So please don't go there. Tonya also sends her love to al her fans.

For anyone wanting to book Tonya for a appearance you can write to

Here is a message sent to

You DO NOT HAVE my permission or Tonya Harding's permission to use the video or any quotes by either Tonya Harding or myself Linda Lewis. Those were on the original "Official Tonya Harding Website." That was a different situation, and we did give our permission to a person calling himself Roy Edwards. He closed down the site, and we gave NO ONE permission to sell our quotes or video. Tonya's name and likeness are copyrighted, and you are using this without her permission.

We want no parts of your unofficial website, and in no way endorse it. If you don't remove my quotes and the pictures and video that Tonya nd I gave Roy Edwards, and ONLY Roy Edwards to use on the then Official website. We will seek legal actio against you. You have less than 24 hours to comply.

Tonya has nothing to do with your site, nor do I. You have no warning on the site that there are nude photos, and YOU KNOW that children love Tonya and will log on to anything that says her name. I have already reported to the internet.

We know who you are, and we WILL BE taking legal action if you don't remove the video and any quotes made by me or Tonya Harding.

Linda L. Lewis

Dear Fans of Tonya:

Please forgive the delay in updates on Tonya. Some of the things, I can't announce until the shows and magazines PR announce them first. Be sure to watch the Maury show. It's very positive, and you'll love the audience response. I must admit, I didn't even know about the People Magazine article. I'm very sorry that I haven't finished my second half of my trip to Huntington.

A very dear and close friend of my husband and mine suffered a Major heart attack. He had just lost his mother too. So we have been spending many hours at the hospital with he and his family.

I promise to update as much as I'm allowed to do. Sometimes we hear about it when you do. But what I can do, I will.

Tonya had a great Birthday. She did a live TV show here in Portland, and her students surprised her with a Birthday cake on the air.

I promise to be back at the computer this week, and catch up on everything, including my trip to Huntington. I can say this, that there are some very exciting things in the works for Tonya.

As always, she sends her love to all, and thanks for all of your wonderful support. I promise you that I do give her your E-mails, so feel free to write to her at my E-mail address,

Kim and Stacey have several new photos which I've sent, and I know that they will post them as soon as they can.

Love to all,

Part one of my trip to Huntington West Virginia with Tonya:

Dear Tonya fans:

I've been wanting to share the wonderful time I had with Tonya in Huntington, West Virginia. To say it is one of the most exciting moments of my life would be an understatement.

Tonya and I left for Huntington on Saturday, Oct. 16th. We met up with Michael Rosenberg and his daughter Whitney at the airport in Pittsburgh, where we met with several of the other competitors as well. Everyone had been traveling for quite awhile. It was so nice to meet everyone in person. There we all got on a small prop plane for our final destination, Huntington WV. While in flight, the stewardess said that the pilot wanted to meet Tonya. She got to go into the cockpit, (no they didn't let her fly the plane) ha! But she said it was so much fun to see what the pilots see. We finally arrived in Huntington around midnight. We were taken to our hotel, and tried to catch some sleep.

The next day, we were taken to a practice rink, where Tonya got to go through her programs. There was a lot of press there, and thus started a string of interviews, many of which I'm sure you've seen or read. I have to say that Tonya was very impressed with the media. They treated her with respect while she was on and off the ice. I left a little early, as I had to so an interview with a reporter from England, via telephone. I got the privilege of riding back to the hotel in a van with Jumping Joe and Alexi. These are two of Kim White's favorites, so I asked if I could take a photo of them for her. They very nice and obliged. Kim now is smiling, I'm sure, as I sent her the photo. We ate dinner in our room, and met with Kim White. Kim traveled to Huntington with her mother.They drove more than 10 hours to get there. Kim is more than a fan, she has become a very close friend to Tonya and myself. Together with Stacey, Kim has a wonderful website for Tonya. Hats off to these nice ladies, as well as Terry Hall, Charlie Main and all the others with websites for Tonya. Without all of your continued support, I truly believe that none of this would have come to pass. It was really great to see Kim and her mom. We had a wonderful visit.

Monday we got to sleep in for awhile, and then it was off to the Huntington arena where Tonya got a chance to practice for that evening's first program. She had a good practice (more media), and then we headed back to the hotel. By this time, the nerves had really taken hold of Tonya. I was very nervous too, but tried not to show it. She ate a small dinner, and then we headed for the arena. It was so exciting to be at this event. All of the other skaters were wonderful to Tonya. Each one congratulating her and wishing her good luck. She tried to relax, but as you know by now, she drew last to skate, so it was a long wait for her. She did her warm ups, and tried to keep herself calm. It helped a lot that the others there were so nice to her. I stayed near her, so I didn't get to see the other skaters programs until I watched it on ESPN Monday night. I was proud of all of them.

Finally it came time for Tonya to skate. It was a moment in history that we all have hoped for, and it was here. We walked through the curtain and out to the rink area. I knew that Tonya was very nervous (to tell the truth, so was I). They introduced her, and the rest is now history. I only hope that you were able to watch the event on TV. It all seemed quite surreal at the time. Tonya's music started, and she began her program. I think I held my breath for most of it. I was so proud of her. The crowd stood to their feet and gave her a standing ovation.There were shouts of "we love you Tonya". Even thought it wasn't a perfect program, it was still a wonderful moment for all of us. I don't know of to many people that could have even stood, not to mention skate, under this kind of pressure. She handled it with class and a smile (and some tears of pure joy!!). After she left the rink, there were hugs from everyone, then on to more interviews. We finally got back to the hotel, and tried to sleep.

Part two will be coming after you watch Tonya's second program! Please do, it's spectacular!

When I write part two, I'll also include my trip to Washington DC with Tonya for the Larry King show. I will be sending photos to the websites of the two trips also.

Love to all of you for your years of support and belief and prayers for Tonya...She has made it this far because of all of you, so my heartfelt thanks to each one of you.

Warmest Regards,

Linda Lewis

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