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Hi to all my wonderful fans out there. I want to wish you all my love and thanks for your support this last year. It's been a difficult one, but I look forward to a new year, and some exciting things which are starting for me. Your love and support have helped to keep me going, and I wish you all the most wonderful Christmas and New Year. I will be starting my radio show on the first part of January, and look forward to meeting with you, so tune in. I'll let you know the exact date and time in a couple of weeks. My book is almost complete, and so hopefully it will be published very soon. I also have some other exciting events coming up, and I'll let you know as soon as I'm able to. In the mean time, please know that you all are appreciated so very much. Again, have a safe and happy holiday. A special thanks to all of you who are running websites for me. You have shown so much support for me, and I thank yo all so much.

Love Tonya


I just want to thank all of you for a wonderful year of support. I wish you all the very best and Happiest Thanksgiving. Also, thank you so much for the wonderful Birthday gifts from you. It made turning 30 that much easier.

Love to all,



Dear Fans:

I want to thank all of you for your nice E-mails concerning the accident I had a few weeks ago, while driving on my way to teach at Lloyd center rink. As you may have heard, I hit a patch of black ice on the road, resulting in my truck flipping over on it's side.

I'm feeling much better, and am currently under doctors care. I suffered no long lasting injures, and I will back skating and teaching in the very near future.

Thank you all so much for your concern, and continued support. Your E-mails have helped a lot. So please don't worry, I'm doing great!

Love to all,



Tonya has asked that the following message be posted from her. It seems that someone has been passing themselves off as being Tonya Harding, figure skater, on the Internet on a celebrity website. This person has been answering E-mails saying that they are Tonya, and even carrying on chats with people, leading them to believe it was Tonya herself.
Warm regards,

The following is from Tonya:

To my fans:
"I apologize for any and all inconvenience this other person has caused. I have not written or talked to anyone on the computer. If you have any questions regarding this situation, please contact me directly through
PO Box
6132 Vancouver WA, 98668."

Thank you,
Tonya M. Harding


To all my fans:

Hi this is Tonya. How can I ever say thanks for all of your support through the years. I am so happy that I was able to skate again.This was a dream come true. I skated for all of you, as well as my friends, family and myself. You gave me the courage to go out there and skate. I want to thank each and every one of you from the bottom of my heart! If I could thank each of you in person, I would. But if I get the chance to skate again, please know that my thanks goes out to each of you when I'm out there. Thank you all so much !!

Love to all,


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